The complete fundraising guide, with strategy, rationale, and examples to help build your unfair financing advantage

It’s the investor version of “It’s not you, it’s me”, and a cover for the real reason

You’re too early

Justification for “Too Early”

  • I’d like to see more customers
  • I’m curious to see how the market is…

4 next-gen banking tools you can start using today to improve your finances

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  • How to earn >10% interest on your cash
  • Blockchain + traditional bank = The future bank
  • How to trade crypto like a pro without doing anything
  • How to access…

The visual “get smart fast” guide to understanding your options and key questions you should be asking

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Learning how/when to employ “Top-Down” v. “Bottoms-Up” communication styles is a priceless skill that will pay lifelong dividends

Supervillains want to be understood, even if it’s just the hero right before they supposed to be destroyed.

Figuring out what to do next depends on your physical and mental energy

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The mental state

Just because a business failed doesn’t…

It’s selfish, and here’s why

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And answering the question “When is the right time to quit”?

Determine if a business idea is worth pursuing by evaluating “tenability” v. “competition”

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“Is this idea worth pursuing?”


Jonathan Woahn

Chief of Staff @ The Future of Work Studios. Husband. Father. TFA. McKinsey & Co. 3X startups. Entrepreneurship, leadership and self-actualization enthusiast.

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